Fire Alarm Installation Software

Fire Alarm Installation Software

..built from DAY one for SP203

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“TFS Ltd have been using PREM for over two years and our team of 12 engineers have used it on their tablets to handle thousands of maintenance calls and installation visits per annum. PREM automates a lot of the process, we’ve also passed two BAFE SP203 since its implementation . PREM has definitely helped and improved our Service efficiency and flexibility to respond to an increasingly competitive and changing market . Because it was written by people who know the industry, PREM takes the hassle out of day to day operations and would have no problem recommending this system to other service providers.

Kevin Hynes MD at TFS Ltd

“Three years ago at PFS&P, our team of 17 engineers and office staff went over to PREM for every single one of our maintenance and installation calls. Thousands of calls later, PREM is invaluable part of our company, and we are very impressed with it. I couldn’t recommend it more, it was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Phil Stenhouse MIET Commercial Director PFS&P LTD

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PREMs App works on existing Android smartphones and can be downloaded directly. All the engineer needs to do is log in with their details to start closing jobs.

The PREM app has already closed over 100,000 jobs so it is robust and an churn through day to day reliably without any 3G or 4G. Start your 2 week FREE trial today, and see for yourself.

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