About us

PREM Software for maintenance, inspections, installations, certifications

Our service management software is accessed through a cloud console and mobile app that allows you to issue PDF certificates and worksheets, as you used to with NCR carbon paper.

Your team can book via telephone, design their own worksheets, and issue jobs to the engineers mobile app, and you can know you’re covered because PREM manages your forward planning and reporting too. Our management software works hard with triggers when things need to be brought to your attention, providing the extra help you need to manage peak times.

The PREM Service Management App is incredibly flexible to your needs: You can set unlimited number of worksheets or certificates, whether you are conducting maintenance, inspections, deliveries, collections, installations or certifications.

By managing your service calls through PREM, you need never lose a worksheet. Better still the engineers like the APP because it works even offline.

So whatever the number of your engineers or drivers, PREM takes care of it all, and keeps you updated on every job. Start your 2 week FREE trial today, and see for yourself.

The benefits to managers

In PREM you assign an engineer via the cloud console. You can assign any kind of delivery, collection, maintenance, inspection, installation or certification. The PREM App gives your engineers access to the job even in an offline situation, which will work even if they go off grid away from 3G. At the end of the job they can collect the signature and close the job. PREM records when the job was closed and where – it’s easy to use, all branded with your logo.

PREM Service Management Software makes it easy for you to plan all your operations too. It clones maintenance jobs across your schedule, email alerts to go to engineers & managers as needed.

  • Pay as you go, with no hidden charges
  • No need to invest in new IT equipment or computers
  • PREM is easy to use and ready to go, with minimal training required
  • Day-today operations displayed for you to schedule
  • Cloud Console screens are easy to use and available via a web browser
  • Alert engineers immediately via the APP

Made in the UK

PREM is a cloud-based engineer operations system designed to help maintenance and installation compliancy. It makes operations simpler, saves you money and helps grow your business


PREM learnt about the SP203 BAFE accreditations, and got to the heart of the problem by creating a mobile APP a web console. Once customers had been allocated a maintenance or installation visit via the console, the firm were now able to instantly know when it was completed, via signed off PDF.

By engineers for engineers

We find small to medium sized business were unable to grow efficiently. We decided to offer PREM to more firms to help fix the issue and expanded it to cover maintenance, inspection, delivery, collection, installation and certification.

That’s why we developed PREM, using state-of-the-art technology. So firms can stay efficient in an environment compliancy matters no matter what.