The Cloud System & Signature Capture

In today’s business environment, your customers want to be able to get worksheets straight to their inbox. With instant access, no chance of losing the PDF.

Our service management software lets you give your customers what they want, compliance on site without having to do extra work. The operations management system is based in the cloud, so all you need is an Android or Apple smart phone. Your engineers just download the app onto their existing smartphones. You can even import all your existing customers and sites from the existing management system you’re currently using.

In PREM you book an engineer, installer or inspector to a job via the web console, and instantly produce compliance documentation as they work. That work can be any kind of delivery, collection, maintenance, inspection, installation or certification. The PREM Mobile App gives your personnel access to the job with an offline connection, which will work even if they go off grid away from 3G/4G. At the end of the job they can collect the signature and close the job. PREM records when the job was closed and where – it’s easy to use, all branded with your logo.

PREM makes it easy for you to plan all your operations too, thanks to the powerful automated job scheduler. It clones maintenance jobs across your schedule, which helps you deal with maintenance contracts. All the Web Console screens are easy to use and available via a web browser. In addition, critical job-related changes (such as closing the call, or changing the engineer, inspector or installer) will automatically cause email alerts to go to engineers / installers / inspectors / staff / managers as needed. And if you choose to alert your team immediately via the APP, it automatically confirms the field personnel have seen the message.

The APP is the engineers, inspectors or installers window into his or her part of the day to day operations, it's incredibly reliable and simplifies what’s needed on their part. They can close the job, show what parts they’ve used (or what arts they need) and cause multiple alerts to be emailed inside your firm if needs be (say, if the call is closed “escalated to management”).

PREM keeps your engineers, inspectors and installers compliant. PREM keeps you informed and ensures you can prove your customers needs were met. Start your 4-week FREE trial today, and experience the benefits yourself.

Watch The Video

See how easy it is to replace paperwork, assign jobs and let your engineers, inspectors and installers close jobs, stay compliant by using their smart phone.

If you like what you see, why not take a 4-week FREE trial ? PREM could help you manage engineers, inspectors and installers, stay compliant and win new business.

The benefits to owners

PREM comes with simple, real-time reporting so you can measure how you are performing. You can schedule operations, and manage your current workload, view a company wide super calendar, print PDF job sheets and manage purchase orders and engineer timesheets.

PREM can also build invoices and order parts, as well as collect multiple types of jobs.

Sign up to PREM now

  • Go paperless and use PDFs
  • Already closed thousands of jobs
  • Pay as you go, £10 per user per month with no hidden charges
  • No need to invest in new IT equipment or computers
  • PREM is easy to use and ready to go, with minimal training required
  • Day-today operations displayed for you to schedule

TFS Ltd have been using PREM for over two years and our team of 12 engineers have used it on their tablets to handle thousands of maintenance calls and installation visits per annum. PREM automates a lot of the process, we’ve also passed two BAFE SP203 since its implementation . PREM has definitely helped and improved our Service efficiency and flexibility to respond to an increasingly competitive and changing market . Because it was written by people who know the industry, PREM takes the hassle out of day to day operations and would have no problem recommending this system to other service providers.

Kevin Hynes MD at TFS Ltd

Three years ago at PFS&P, our team of 17 engineers and office staff went over to PREM for every single one of our maintenance and installation calls. Thousands of calls later, PREM is invaluable part of our company, and we are very impressed with it. I couldn’t recommend it more, it was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Phil Stenhouse MIET Commercial Director PFS&P LTD

  • Only pay for what you use, from just £10 per person per month with no hidden charges
  • Suitable for fleets and operators of all sizes, bespoke systems available
  • Uses the Cloud to improve your business
  • Confirm your customers - give them PDF worksheets for any type of job
  • Build your business, grow your customers confidence
  • No need to invest in new IT equipment or computers
  • System is easy to use and ready to use, and you don’t need much training


You can alert your engineers inspectors and installers directly within the app, additionally any system wide changes that affect them directly immediately cause them to be informed automatically. (IE: if the engineer is re-tasked etc).


Yes. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons to consider PREM. It is an operations system – in its purest sense – it manages the day to day events, tracks their occurrence, provides reporting and invoicing tools and allows you to schedule all your events in great detail.