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26th March 2018
Full Launch of Software
9th June 2020

Field service management software is usually hosted online,  on a server at the software provider or customer address.  Historically, we’ve worked on both setups with our customers in the past; some who wish to keep everything on-site to be fully secured, wholly owned and managed by themselves.  Others, who don’t want to get involved with any IT or hosting at all and happy for us to host and manage everything.

With the development of the cloud though, everything changed.

clouds and sunshine

Aiming high and moving to a cloud based platform

As cloud technology has advanced in recent years, migrating our systems across to the cloud was a natural step. Having cloud based field service management software allows our customers, engineers and teams full access to their service engineer app, wherever their location.  We know how a slow responding server, poor connection or intermittent access can impact a business in it’s normal day to day operations, so harnessing the cloud brings a multitude of benefits for everyone.

It’s straightforward and easy to access, wherever you are.  If there’s a power cut or network issues in our region, it won’t affect our customers nor how they can use our systems.  Everything is located remotely, with multiple redundancies built in so that our systems stay online, 100% of the time.

Looking forward to a future of innovation

Now we’ve moved all of our systems to the cloud, development doesn’t stop there.  We continually develop our software to include some of the latest technical innovations – provided they’re useful that is!

We don’t bloat our software with gimmicks, ensuring all our new additions save our customers time and make their day to day working more efficient.  Paperless signatures and signal free working are just of few of the features we’ve included as we continue to innovate in this sector.  Our new features come at no extra cost to our customers, all included in our simple pay as you use pricing, with no hidden charges or regular license fees.

If you’d like to know more about PREM, are unsure or wish to take advantage of a 4 week free trial of our software, simply get in touch or sign up today.