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5th January 2018
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26th March 2018

From our experience of working in the service management sector and developing software, over the years we became well aware of the general dissatisfaction with the way that  management software is priced.  Clients and acquaintances would regularly tell us that their options are limited when choosing or moving to a new supplier, because of the costs involved and licensing restrictions.

The vast majority of suppliers license their systems to clients, to tie them in to long term contracts which are difficult to get out of and make moving to a new supplier as hard as possible. We knew this had to change when we developed PREM, and so we did…

A five pound note

Making software fair and affordable to all businesses

As far as we’re concerned, pricing customers with setup fees, license fees, monthly or annual subscriptions is simply an outdated model and something which should have died out long ago.  Companies pricing products for their own benefit over that of their customers is not something we would ever condone and goes against everything we stand for at PREM.

Our focus is and always has been wholly on the customer, with everything we do centered on making your life easier.  Easier to conduct day to day business, easier to change, adapt, grow and develop.

A revolution in pricing for service management software

So, we launched the first ever service management platform that operates solely on a Pay as You Use basis.  No setup fees, no license fee, no monthly charge or annual subscription, no fees for extra functionality or additional modules.  All of our pricing is based solely on one factor – use.

How many engineers you have using our product is the only factor that will affect the costs of using PREM.  You only pay for what you use, making our system fair for all users, whether you’re a small operation with less than 5 engineers, or a regional operater with multiple teams of field workers.

Setting the pricing standard for the industry – and keeping it that way

We’re proud of our pay as you use model, and it’s something we’re constantly developing to offer the best value for customers in our marketplace,  giving them access to a full, enterprise level system at a cut down price.  It means billing is simpler, easier, and there’s no hidden surprises coming your way at the end of the financial year.

If you’re looking to cut your service software costs, increase functionality and generally manage your workforce better, then get in touch today – everyone’s entitled to a 4 week trial completely free, and setup is quick and easy.