No mobile signal? No software problem!

How can efficient Field Service Management benefit a business?
13th December 2017
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15th March 2018

Recent advances in technology have meant that smartphones & tablets can be as powerful as any desktop machine, and faster even for specific apps, connectivity and portability.  This week we’re focusing on one key feature of our service management software app that helps our customers immensely.  We’re very proud of it and think it’s a first for the FSM industry.


Advances in mobile technology have meant more features, functionality and tools are available for developers to use.  It’s these features that our software team love – working with new tech and new device capabilities, enabling us to squeeze every last drop of functionality out of our mobile app.

One of our latest features for our field service management app has been the ability to perfectly function with no mobile or data signal at all, either over wifi, 3g, 4g, or through any mobile data – offline mode

Crafted from industry experience

Years of experience working out in the field gave us invaluable knowledge when it came to developing our app and the functionality we wanted to offer our customers.  We know that when engineers and site inspectors get called to the most remote of locations to carry out their job, it can be painfully frustrating for them.  Trying to operate a connected mobile device to FSM software with a flaky signal can make their job almost impossible  and waste valuable time in areas with no signal at all.

Our software system bypasses all of those problems simply by working as normal, regardless of the signal available to the device.  All standard functionality works as intended, so even in places as remote as that pictured above, your team can carry out all of their duties, record all information, signatures, mark locations and take photographs as normal.  Everything gets recorded and stored, with nothing missed.

Seamless functionality on or offline

As soon as they get back into a signal area, whether on wifi or over their mobile network, our field service app will process and sync with head office, adding all relevant data, images, and information to the main system. This transparent process happens in the background, so that your team can carry on about their day without having to verify, send, check or interact with this process, saving you time and making everyone’s job much easier so you can focus on what you do best – providing specialist services.

If you’re looking to cut your service software costs, increase functionality and generally manage your workforce better, then get in touch today – everyone’s entitles to a 4 week trial completely free, and setup is quick and easy.