How can efficient Field Service Management benefit a business?

What is Field Service Management Software?
30th November 2017
No mobile signal? No software problem!
5th January 2018

The process of Field Service Management (or FSM for short) is the part of a business which involves managing a company’s resources out in the field.  Usually this is their mobile workforce of engineers, drivers, surveyors or specialists that need to be at a certain location to conduct their business, whether that’s fixing infrastructure, carrying our inspections, certifications, or delivering products.

In this post we’ve included some information about FSM and what it can offer a business when it’s done effectively.


What businesses might utilise FSM?

Any company that manages workers on site, at customers premises, on the road or out on the field might use FSM.  Some examples of business which utilise FSM can include:

  • Electrical engineers, contractors & electricians across various sites around the UK
  • Delivery companies, and their fleet of delivery drivers & vehicles
  • Plumbers and heating engineers, fitting or checking boiler and heating systems
  • Fire safety inspectors as they survey and certify commercial and residential premises

For all of these business, managing their workforce out in the field efficiently is absolutely essential for them to function effectively.  Office staff are the key to this process, booking appointments, scheduling timetables and holding all of the paperwork together to verify visits, certify that jobs have been done and keep records of everything.  This is a vital process for the business (to manage themselves efficiently) and customers, in case of follow up, to satisfy their needs and deliver a good, legal service.

What does effective FSM look like?

Centralising all of this information in one place helps to make FSM simple, straightforward and seamless.  Effective FSM results in everything working in unison including all of the back office information; reports, certifications, updates, timetables, feedback and processes.  This is where a service management system comes in – a central piece of software which facilitates all of these processes and holds them securely in one place across the business.

Leading service management software can replicate exactly all paper reporting, scheduling and documentation, giving an exact like for like equivalent but in a digital format, meaning the relevant staff can access it when needed from any device, even if they are out in the field and don’t have signal.  These can be communicated to customers easily and simply, meaning more time is available for visits and services, and less time is spent chasing reports, verifying paperwork and arranging visits.

To find out more about how PREM can benefit your mobile workforce operations, please get in touch with our team today.

Our software has been developed by people who have worked in FSM for many years and built up a wealth of experience.  We’re confident it’s the leading offering in the market today, and everyone is welcome to try the full system free for 4 weeks, completely free of charge.